Author Phoebe Yuk-lan Chan, Julie Dunn
Affiliation Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong (Phoebe Yuk-lan Chan)
Griffith University, South East Queensland (Julie Dunn)
Article Language Chinese

APA Citation

Chan, P., Dunn, J. (2016). Passion, partnership, power and persistence: the rise and fall of a transnational drama programme. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 6, 9-26.

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In this article, the authors share their experience in introducing the first award bearing programme in applied theatre and drama education to Hong Kong. Examining the development and challenges within a 10-year transnational partnership between two tertiary institutions, they discuss intercultural issues arising from the collaboration, analyse the impact of the programme on practitioners in Hong Kong and Australia, and reflect on issues related to sustainability. Using the programme as a case study, the authors draw on their experience to bring about discussion on drama education and applied theatre practice in a larger context, suggesting that interculturality, impact and sustainability are three important topics to explore in considering the future for the field in Hong Kong and beyond.

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