We envision people of different disciplines can use applied theatre and drama education, creating a critically conscious and compassionate society.

Who We Are

The Hong Kong Drama / Theatre and Education Forum (TEFO) was established in 2002, with the aim to promote practices of applied theatre in different sectors of society. TEFO is a member of the International Drama / Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), representing Hong Kong in the international field of applied theatre. Since 2008/2009, TEFO has become a registered non-profit organization and is financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

We believe that theatre, as a multidisciplinary art form, puts different disciplines, cultures and arts in conversation with one another, deepening our artistic literacy and collective understanding of humanity. Apart from building an audience for theatre to be enjoyed as entertainment, we also hope to bring people together to rehearse new relationships with deeper understandings of ourselves, others, society and the world. We believe that applied theatre can empower individuals and societies to enact transformation.