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Organizing, recording and researching applied theatre and drama ducation practices in Hong Kong and across Asia.

It’s always been TEFO’s mission to gather, research and archive applied theatre practices as part of our guiding principles of Shared Resources and Shared Knowledge.

Since our founding, we have strived to publish digital articles, professional magazines and academic journals about the development of applied theatre and drama education in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Resource Type

TEFO Applied Theatre Research Studies

Independently published research on TEFO’s own applied theatre projects, as well as other projects in Hong Kong.

Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia)

An academic journal published annually, contextualizing the development of applied theatre practice in East Asia.


A professional print magazine published primarily in Chinese, focused on applied theatre and drama education.

Other Publications

Apart from our research, magazine and academic journal, we also have other publications for you to browse.

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