Archiving and reporting on the arts is just as important as the execution of artistic practice by itself.

The archival and recording of theatrical work may not be a part of creating the actual work, but it makes sure that theatrical happenings live beyond their ephemerality.

Careful recording and detailed reflections are extensions of the creative process behind any performance, educational program or workshop, and can become valuable learning resources for the entire field.

At TEFO, we’ve always been thinking about how to fulfill our responsibility to develop ourselves as a networking and consulting organization for other practitioners in this field, and we hope that the principle of “Shared Knowledge” can continue carrying us forward in this work.

Thus, we are continually working to strengthen our online database’s ability to gather, organize and preserve applied theatre practice here in Hong Kong, so that our field’s research, records and archives can inspire present and future generations of applied theatre practitioners.

Please note that our English database is still under construction, and there may not be as much content as our Chinese database. For more resources, please visit the Chinese version of our website.


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Applied Theatre Practice Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia) Drama Education Applied Theatre Research

Participating in IDIERI 10: Observations and Reflections|DaTEAsia Vol. 11

今年七月,我到英國華威大學參加了第十屆國際教育戲劇研究所(International Drama in Education Research Institute,下稱IDIERI 10)這國際會議。本文分享個人在當中的觀察和反思。

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Applied Theatre Practice Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia) Drama Education Community Theatre Applied Theatre Research

The Preliminary Exploration and Reflection on the Development and Execution of Drama and Creative-based Cross-disciplinary and Integrated Curriculum Design aiming at Exploring Local Culture and Art|DaTEAsia Vol. 11

This paper aims at exploring how the cross-disciplinary teachers in arts and humanities work together through discussions and workshops to design and develop the interdisciplinary place-based and art-and-humanity based courses and curriculum mainly starting from perspectives of drama education. The main objective of the project of Sailing of Art and Culture: The Fantasy Journey of Whale Islands is to cultivate the teachers’ community executed by National University of Tainan. We also hope to develop and figure out the logic and connection among these different theories involved in the new curriculum development to apply them into our course design and teaching pedagogies. These related theories include post-modern art education theories, cross-disciplinary curriculum development theories, place-based education, narrative ability research as well as inquiry-based educational pedagogy research. The paper also tries to analyze the developing and discussion process in building the two new courses by the teachers’ community. Furthermore, it aims to develop the innovative educational pedagogy and strategies to teach and evaluate students’ growth in their various narrative abilities. It also hopes to investigate the learning impact and effects of these place-based general education courses in developing the students’ creative abilities to help the local cultural and economic development for more teachers and students to adapt and learn from in the future.

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Applied Theatre Practice Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia) Drama Education Applied Theatre Research

Reykjavik Reflections: Where next? |DaTEAsia Vol. 11

This article results from reflections on the 9th International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) World Congress, which took place in Reykjavik, Iceland from July 04th-08th 2022. The Congress title was DRAMA 4ALL. Drama for Tall and Small.

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Children / Toddlers Hong Kong Masters and PhD Theses Drama Education

A Multi-case Study of Chinese Language Classrooms with Drama as Pedagogy: A Dialogic Perspective

This multiple ethnographic case studies aims to investigate the critical literacy which emerged and emanated in the Chinese classrooms using drama as pedagogy. Drawing on the perspectives of Critical theories, Bakhtin Mikhail’s dialogism, and also the literatures on critical literacy, this study argues that there is disparity of statuses of languages, knowledges, cultures and peoples within the Chinese language classrooms.

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Applied Theatre Theory Hong Kong Masters and PhD Theses Youth / Adolescents

Drama as method : recontextualizing project learning for HK secondary schools

This doctoral study is grounded in the work of cultural studies and its concern for pedagogy and education. The study investigated a local pedagogical issue— Independent Enquiry Study (IES)—a specific form of social inquiry in the core subject Liberal Studies (LS) in Hong Kong senior secondary schools. It took a designated IES classroom as the point of intervention and as the basis for exploring transformed pedagogical practices in Hong Kong secondary school education.

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Hong Kong Masters and PhD Theses Drama Education

The ‘Unthinking Thinker’: the Reflexive Teacher for Integrated Drama Education

The whole purpose of writing a PhD thesis on drama education in Hong Kong is to develop relevant academic discourse for promoting the introduction of drama into the formal school curriculum with the necessary teacher development methods.

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