TEFO has always sought to gather a record of Hong Kong’s small-scale and large-scale applied theatre and drama education projects, but the nature of each project may not lend itself to massive public reception, so it may be challenging to collect them all. However, we believe that the applied theatre projects led by local organizations, troupes and individual practitioners isn’t few and should be recorded in history. Therefore in the effort to create a holistic database, we need everyone’s help to share what you know and how you designed some of your applied theatre projects, helping other practitioners gain a three-dimensional perspective of the entire field.

Your Story

If you have a story about a project you once designed that you’d like to tell, fill out this form! One of our colleagues here at TEFO will try to reply to you as soon as possible. We are committed to protecting and managing your personal data with utmost care.

At the moment, we’re mainly accepting Chinese submissions, but if you’d like to submit in English, please let us know by email at admin@tefo.hk!