Practitioners’ Voices

A space specifically for practitioners, where they can share their personal columns, stories from their projects, reflection journals – so as to document their learning and experience.

In accordance to our Guiding Principle of Shared Knowledge, TEFO would like to encourage and actively promote the industry to cultivate a culture of reflective practice. This online platform is a practitioner-centered platform, providing practitioners to share their thoughts, reflections and questions from their practice with the public on a long-term or single-project basis. We hope to build a culture of sharing together with others in this field, weaving a colorful and diverse quilt of local practice together.

If you would like to contribute to any one of these resources, please contact us.

Resource Type

TEFO Column

Practitioners’ personal columns, where they share their thoughts and reflections on a long-term basis.

Reflective Practice Reports

Gathering practitioners’ reflective practice reports after they’ve conducted an investigation into their practice.

Practitioners’ Stories Bulletin

All practitioners are welcome to submit short summaries of their past projects here!

TEFO Event Reports

TEFO’s reports of our past events.