Author 羅婉芬 Muriel Yuen-fun Law
Article Language English

APA Citation

Law, M. Y. (2021). A practitioner’ s reflection on an online course under COVID-19. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 10, 57-74.

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In this paper, the author reflects on the delivery of a sub-degree course in hybrid mode under COVID-19 from the perspective of a drama educator. The course aims to equip students with expressive, artistic means to discovery themselves and write their self-narratives. The author reviews some students’ self-reflected assignments and their encounters in the hybrid learning environment—a mix of simultaneous online and F2F teaching and learning. She finds that students can be seen as “prosumers” of their arts experiences, and raises the question of the nature of “presence” in mediated online learning environment. At the end of the paper, the author reflects on the possible pedagogical implications of her online teaching experiences for drama education.

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