Author 范聖韜 Sheng-tao Fan
Affiliation National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei
Article Language Chinese

APA Citation

Fan, S. (2020). Advance teaching methods and materials for performing arts junior high school teacher education in Taiwan: a case study on designing the instruction modules of rasaboxes. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 9, 53-76.

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The research purpose is to explore how to apply Rasaboxes into the junior high school performing arts teacher education and professional development to build a competence-based instruction module. Rasaboxes originates from the Indian performance theory, particularly emphasizing on body experience and emotion expression. Integrated with the Western Performance Studies and Drama Therapy, it has been applied into acting training, counseling, and education. The research infuses Rasaboxes into three courses of pre-service teacher education and in-service teacher training that the author teaches at his university in Taiwan.  The research methodologies and methods include case study, teaching practice research, literature review, teacher’s reflection journal, as well as participants’ feedback questionnaires and oral sharing. In addition, the researcher analyzes his learning process of Rasaboxes. This research concludes that the teaching methods and materials based on Rasaboxes can let the pre-service and in-service performing arts teachers experience the five core competences of 12-Year Basic Education in Taiwan and ground them for the future course design as well as teaching methods and materials.

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