Author 陳楚鍵 Cho-kin Chan
Article Language Chinese

APA Citation

Chan, C. (2021). Elements of drama applied for emotional support to children during the pandemic. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 10, 27-33.

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During the pandemic, conflicts arise readily between homebound parents and children and result in emotional instability. In this article, the author shares how elements of drama can be applied to help children, teenagers and parents regulate their emotions and foster a healthy parent-child relationship. This article illustrates that appropriate application of elements of drama promotes quality parent-child interaction, through which children learn to regulate their emotions. The author also introduces the concept of “Window of Tolerance” developed by a foreign academic to share how co-regulation of emotions can be achieved and individual functional level can be maintained through quality interaction. The author concludes the article by sharing two games consisted of elements of drama he used in his practice, with an aim to strengthen the emotion regulation ability of parents and children and form a healthy attachment.

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