Author 胡寶秀 Justine Po-sau Woo
Affiliated School / Organization University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Language Chinese


Woo, J. (2020). Motivation and second language learning: how Stanislavski’s system motivates learning as a motivational teaching practice in Chinese narrative writing as a second language. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 9, 29-52.

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This paper examines how drama works as a motivational teaching practice and how it enhances students’ learning motivation. Data is collected from eight students, an observer and the teacher-as researcher through action-based research. All sorts of research data sets are triangulated for enhancing the reliability of the study. Interviews of the participants and researcher’s reflective journals are analysed according to the Motivated Strategies for learning (Pintrich et al., 1991) and the Model of Motivational teaching practice (Dörnyei, 2001). The findings show that drama is an effective motivational teaching practice of Chinese narrative writing as a second language for non-Chinese speaking students, and at the same time it also increases students’ learning motivation in terms of self-efficacy, extrinsic goal orientation, intrinsic goal orientation, task value and diminishes learning anxiety.

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