Author AU, Yi-man
Academic Level Masters
Affiliation University of Exeter, U.K.
Thesis Language English


Au, Y (2002). Teaching and learning through drama: in search of a dialogic classroom in Hong Kong. [Masters dissertation, The University of Exeter, U.K.]

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The objective of this dissertation is, to raise awareness concerning the importance of “talking to learn”, which is neglected by teachers in Hong Kong. Reflecting on her past schooling experience, the author attempts to explore the fundamental relationship between talking and learning. Talking is the most effective mode that can be used to engage students in their learning process. The talking space provided for students by teachers affects the way students view their role in the classroom. In order to foster students learning to learn, the author argues that the traditional one-way teaching classroom should be replaced by a dialogic classroom where students’ voices are valued. Drama, in its dialogic nature, has a great potential to create this kind of classroom. Through the literature reviews and the author’s experience in this year, she demonstrates that drama as a powerful teaching and learning medium could be of help to students learning to be active learners. Based on her inquiry, she wants to give vigorous support to the introduction of drama, as an alternative pedagogy, in Hong Kong schools. She believes that drama is more than an extra-curricular activity; it can help to achieve the aims of the current Hong Kong Education Reform which emphasizes teaching students “learning how to learn”.

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