Author Wan-jung Wang, Shih-heng Kao, Bou-yu Chang, Mi-hong Tsai
Affiliation Department of Drama Creation and Application, Department of Visual Art and Design and Department of Cultural and Natural Resources, National University of Tainan, Tainan
Article Language Chinese

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Wang, W., Kao, S., Chang, B., & Tsai, M. (2022). The Preliminary Exploration and Reflection on the Development and Execution of Drama and Creative-based Cross-disciplinary and Integrated Curriculum Design aiming at Exploring Local Culture and Art. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 11, 7-24.

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This paper aims at exploring how the cross-disciplinary teachers in arts and humanities work together through discussions and workshops to design and develop the interdisciplinary place-based and art-and-humanity based courses and curriculum mainly starting from perspectives of drama education. The main objective of the project of Sailing of Art and Culture: The Fantasy Journey of Whale Islands is to cultivate the teachers’ community executed by National University of Tainan. We also hope to develop and figure out the logic and connection among these different theories involved in the new curriculum development to apply them into our course design and teaching pedagogies. These related theories include post-modern art education theories, cross-disciplinary curriculum development theories, place-based education, narrative ability research as well as inquiry-based educational pedagogy research. The paper also tries to analyze the developing and discussion process in building the two new courses by the teachers’ community. Furthermore, it aims to develop the innovative educational pedagogy and strategies to teach and evaluate students’ growth in their various narrative abilities. It also hopes to investigate the learning impact and effects of these place-based general education courses in developing the students’ creative abilities to help the local cultural and economic development for more teachers and students to adapt and learn from in the future.

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