Author Simos Papadopoulos
Affiliation Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini
Article Language English

APA Citation

Papadopoulos, S. (2018). The integration of drama education in the subject of modern greek language in greek primary education. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 8, 113-137.

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The use of dramatic conventions for educational purposes has a long history. However, in the Greek educational system it is only during the last decade that a clear-cut effort has been actually made to incorporate dramatic methods into the teaching of various subjects and in particular into the subject of language. The present study examines ways and approaches of incorporating dramatic methods into the subject of language in the elementary education in Greece. All student activities that are included in school books and involvedelements of dramatic expression have been identified and analyzed. Analysis results have shown that despite the definite reference in the curriculum to the use of dramatic methods in the subject of language, these methods are rather few, fragmentary and quite simplistic activities of bodily expression that do not incorporate the methodical and inquiry process necessary for the effective and complete dramatic expression of students. Relevant suggestions of incorporating more dramatic methods are discussed at the end.

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