Author Prue Wales, Naoko Araki
Affiliation Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong(Prue Wales)
Akita International University, Akita(Naoko Araki)
Article Language English

APA Citation

Wales, P., Araki, N. (2018). Japanese students re-engaging in English through dramatised digital storytelling. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 8, 41-70.

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Through the deconstruction of a collaboratively constructed srudent-devised dramatised digital story, this article examines how a group of Japanese university students engaged in their English language learning in a meaningful and creative way. The digital story was an outcome of a three-week intensive elective that drew on process drama and digital storytelling to foster and develop srudents’ applications of English language. The article provides the contextual background and the authors’ research of the intensive course. Later, a detailed description of the digital story with analysis through a multimodal framework will be discussed thoroughly.

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