Author 丁莉 Li Ding
Affiliation The University of Warwick, The United Kingdom
Article Language English

APA Citation

Ding, L. (2017). A Refective Case Study On Efective English Speaking Through Process Drama. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 7, 77-104.

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Based on a single case study of a workshop adapted from the novel The Moon and Sixpence, this article explores the application of process drama in one English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) class in a Chinese university. It is to examine the impact of drama on efective English speaking within the research context. The author reviews writings on socio-semiotic constructivism pertaining to drama and language acquisition, and writings that promote process drama as an alternative option for ESL classrooms. Three relevant themes – classroom relationships, emotional arousal and language production, and English speaking – were coded and categorised, and then analysed from the perspectives of both the facilitator and the participants. The findings suggest a generally positive response from the participants with regard to the idea of learning English through drama and to the fow of the activities. Meanwhile, this case study also reveals areas of teaching that the author needs to improve in the future.

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