Author 鄧詠之 Blanche Wing-zhi Tang
Affiliation Hong Kong Institute of Aesthetic Education, Hong Kong
Article Language Chinese

APA Citation

Tang, B. (2011). Drama appreciation in children aesthetic education: a case study on creative drama. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia, 2, 49-92.

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A case study adopted to investigate a teaching artist’s implementation of integrating creative drama as teaching strategies into the aesthetic education to promote drama appreciation in kindergarten. The purposes of the research included the exploration in the application of drama strategies in education curriculum, the feasibility on the usage of creative drama in inducing drama appreciation, and the resulting learning outcomes on students.

The study concluded that (a) creative drama as teaching strategies applied in drama appreciation of aesthetic education could be successfully implemented into pre-primary curriculum; (b) drama appreciation of aesthetic education contributed to improving kindergarten students’ understanding in both appreciating if various theatrical art forms and level of creative performance; and (c) the significant improvement in students’ imagination, creativity and expression demonstrated.

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