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Constructing Knowledge Together: A Reflective Practitioner Case Study on the Use of Ensemble Pedagogy to Shakespearean Text in a Y8 Drama Class | DaTEAsia Vol. 5

Applied Theatre Practice, Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia), Applied Theatre Research|

Most research on the teaching of Shakespeare in school settings has focused on how active approaches can foster learners’ motivation and confidence. While this point is essential, the value of collaboration among learners remains a relatively neglected area of study despite its significance in determining the quality of the learning process. This article explores how ensemble-based learning can enable the process of knowledge construction through collaborative work among learners. In doing so, I designed and facilitated six drama lessons exploring Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a Y8 drama class in England as my pilot study. Adopting Vygotskian socio-cultural approaches to the development of knowledge and Jonothan Neelands’ principles of ensemble, the study draws on analysis of qualitative data. Overall, the preliminary findings suggest evidence to support the conclusions of previous studies that ensemble-based learning can (1) generate an “open space” which fosters an inclusive environment through mutual trust and collaboration among learners; (2) bring learners to the centre of collaborative sense making with teacher serving as a facilitator to support autonomous learning; and (3) create a stimulating dialogue through collaborative work and creative exploration.

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